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Seiko Tempered-glass Printing Ink
Seiko Tempered glass Mirro Effect ink
Seiko Plastic Printing Ink
Seiko Plastic Printing Mirror Effect Ink
Product information
Basic information :
Name: HF 1400N Series
Model: HF 1400N
Feature: The HF 1400N Series is a family of one-pack, baking type polyester and melamine inks of good leveling for screen printing on metals and metallic coats where resistance against solvents and alcohol is required. They feature particularly good flexibility on materials subjected to stamping, bending, embossing, and other mechanical process.

Ink type : One-pack thermosetting ink.

Usage   : Aluminum, surface-size aluminum, anodized aluminum, tin, stainless steel , and their coats. 

Feature : Flat and glossy finish
                Excellent secondary processability.
                Excellent chemical resistance

Diluents : Standard solvent: T-980/T-990
                Slow dry solvent : T-965

Wash-up:  T-31

Printing  :  Use of Tetoron or Nylon screens of 200-300 mesh number is recommended 

Coverage   : Approximately 30m²/kg on a 250 mesh screen.

Drying time : Baking at 150℃:30 minutes

Notes:  1.The HF 1400N series must be stored in a dark, cool place with minimum exposure to air.
            2.The HF 1400N series contain a catalyst (to promote curing ) for adjusting the baking time
              but its effects may be affected for some colors due to effects of fresh air or time.
              The original performance can be retained by adding Catalyst H up to 1%(weight).
              Testing is highly recommended especially when the ink has been stored over
              a long period of time.
            3.Strong adhesion power to metals and metallic coats. For glass printing, add 2-3% of
               Care73 to improve the adhesion and water resistance. 

 Printed Surface Performance Table

Test Conditions
Ink      :     HF 1400N 120 White
Drying   : 150℃ 30 minutes
Material : Aluminum plate

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