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Product information
Basic information :
Name: SG460 Super Slow Dry Series
Model: SG460 Super Slow Dry Series
Feature: SG460-series is developed for printing on Glass and Hard-coated Glass, and can be produced on durable printing film as compared with epoxy based ink with more excellent performance  in terms of weather durability, chemical resistance and moisture resistance.

Ink type:       Three(3)-part reaction inks using an isocyanate hardener.
Usage :         Glass and Hard-coated glass.
Feature:       High gloss finish, excellent weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance,
                     and scratch resistance.
Diluent :        Standard solvent T-980
Mixing ratio:  SG460SSD ink : FA hardener =65:35~80:20
                 Use with pot-life 2-3 hours since the mixture will turn to gel or loss its original physical properties.
                 3% addition of care73 or care83(additive) helps to increase adhesion performance when printing
                     on Glass.
                  Opacity and printability will improve but bond resistance will decrease by reducing the hardener.
                     Please customized within the recommended blending ratio.

Wash-up solvent: T-31
Screen mesh: Tetron or Nylon T250~T420.

Drying:         Air drying, 60℃x60min for hard-coated PMMA.
                     Baking: 150~180℃x30~60min. for Glass and hard-coated glass.
Shelf life:      24 months
Others:        SG460SSD ink and hardener should be used as soon as possible after opening as they are very
                    sensitive to humidity. Please use D-Hardener for Hard-coated PMMA.
                    Use D-Hardener and care73 or care83 at the same time ink will turn to gel very quickly.

SG460 Super Slow Dry-series ink film test result.

Ink:SG460 Super Slow Dry Conc 710 Black.
Substrate: Hard-coated PMMA (Mitsubishi MR200)
Drying condition: 60℃ X 60min. +7 days at room temperature.


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