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Seiko Tempered-glass Printing Ink
Seiko Tempered glass Mirro Effect ink
Seiko Plastic Printing Ink
Seiko Plastic Printing Mirror Effect Ink
Product information
Basic information :
Name: HF GV3 RX01 Series
Model: HF GV3 RX01
Feature: HF GV3 RX01 Series is two-part reaction ink developed for Tempered Glass. This series is an environmentally-friendly product, the percentage of Chlorine and Bromine is less than 900ppm, and the total Halogen is below 1500ppm. In additional, HF GV3 RX01 series conduct scarcely.
Ink type:     Two(2)-part reaction acrylic ink.
Feature:     Gloss finish, excellent in leveling.
                   HF GV3 RX01 Series can adhere to glass at low temperature and keep up with the physicality test of
                   every kind.
Diluents :    Standard solvent T-980

Wash-up solvent: T-31
Screen mesh: T250~T420/inch fabric are recommended .
Mixing ratio:  HF GV3 RX01 710 black and other colors: A hardener :Care183=100:15:2
                     HF GV3 RX01 120: A hardener: Care183=100:10:2
Drying:          Baking: 120℃x30min. is recommended

               1. Drying more than 40min at 120℃ may help to improve alcohol resistance.
               2. Please follow the ratio of additive and adjust viscosity with diluents. Once ink is mixed HF GV3 RX01 
                      and additives, the ink will get thicker about 3 hours at room temperature, so, please diluent.
               3. 1% addition of Care111 to the ink may help to improve the foaming printing problems.
               4. When HF GV3 RX01 Series lose its performance because of the influence of environment and time,
                      please add 1% of Care183.
               5. Pot-life is approximately 7 hours. So, please do not use after 7 hours
               6. Please check the performance under long storage.

 HF GV3 RX01-Series ink film test result

Ink : HF GV3 RX01 710 Black
Substrate: Tempered glass
Screen mesh: T-420/inch
Squeegee: Urethane medium-hard
Printing: Hand printing
Mixing ratio: HF GV3 RX01 710: A Hardener: Care183=100:15:2
Diluents: T-980 10%
Drying condition: 120℃x30min.
Tel:(86-755)27211262 Fax:(86-755)27206558 Address: No.512,Xinsha Rd,Shajing Town,Bao'an,Shenzhen
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