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July .31st .2014, The Housewarming Celebration For Grachine Screen Printing Equipment( Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
         July.31st .2014 is a Special and Red-letter day to Garchine, that with the staffs hard work who works in Shenzhen Head office , Dongguan Branch, Changshan Branch,Beijing Branch and Kunshan Branch, The Head office has been moved to The New address the 16th Floor, Zhihui Building , No. 529 Xinsha Road, Shanjing Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen.

            The new office has being applied with the more advanced office equipment, and more comfortable and pleasant environment. We are adhering to “ responsible, professional,honest, obedient ”as the core value, and "pioneering spirit, steady operation, pursuit of perfection, mutual benefit" as the spirit, the core value and spirit have been taking solid foundation   for our continuous development.

           At 11:30 am, The Housewarming celebration had been pulled beginning by the Director David Ke and Honored guests’ speeches.

          At 12:00am, the Ribbon-cutting Ceremonies had been started by the leaders and the honored guests all with smiles.

           The housewarming party started at 12:30pm. And during the banquet, our top management and staffs had proposed a toast to the honored guests to express our thanks for they took their time to attend the housewarming celebration. It’s the time also to close the relationship between our leaders and staffs and the staffs to staffs.

           Our dream will come true; we will finally realize our ambition. Looking into the future, we are full of confidence and enthusiasm, even though there is still a long way to go.We will take higher quality service and a better performance to take back to our company. And here we wish Garchine all the best.

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Tel:(86-755)27211262 Fax:(86-755)27206558 Address: No.512,Xinsha Rd,Shajing Town,Bao'an,Shenzhen
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