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As a professional international trade network supplier, we pay high attention to maintain well relationship with all well-known suppliers of the industry. At present, Seiko Advance limited is the most successful supplier which we are cooperating with , with more than 10 year cooperation, Seiko Advance limited special Seiko Advance (Sihui ) Co., Ltd. gives us perfect technology supports and color matching services. More than half of color-matching ink processed in Sihui company have been sold to the final customer through us.
The mainly brands we are cooperating with :

Below is the mainly information of Seiko Advance Limited.
Seiko Advance Limited is one of the three Japanese Screen printing ink manufacturers, its products are recognized by the worldwide top-ranking brands and have been assigned or preferential used on brands as APPLE, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, FUJITSU,ect., and Seiko is taking a high market share. Basing on steady quality and excellent technology service efficiency, “Seiko” have the mature and powerful sales agent network  and have a high reputation at the final customer side.
Manufactory located : Japan, Thailand , Sihui and Tanjing in China.
Color-matching factory located: South Korea, India and Hangzhou in China.
Technology service center located: Longhua, Shenzhen, Changan, Dongguan, Changsha, Shuzhou

Seiko Advantages
*More than half of century’s Technology accumulation and production history
*International well-known multinational group
*Service network and technical team is covering  the inland of China;
*Mature and powerful sales agent network.

Tel:(86-755)27211262 Fax:(86-755)27206558 Address: No.512,Xinsha Rd,Shajing Town,Bao'an,Shenzhen
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